Sweet and Simple
Epic and Extravagant

Everyone has a different vision for their wedding. Some want to pull out all the stops for their special day and others believe that love is all they need!

Simple weddings allow for a more intimate connection between you and your guests. These weddings are focused more on conversations and time spent with each other on the wedding day rather than the decor and entertainment. The money you save by not having as much décor can also allow you to go out with a big bang at the end of the night. For example, one of our brides this season decided to end her wedding with a firework show!

Extravagant weddings tend to be more of a party for everyone in attendance. These weddings are focused more on entertaining the guests and keeping the energy up throughout the whole day. Guests are wowed by the decor and floral that goes into elaborate weddings. Most extravagant weddings also have a lot of food choices and a rocking DJ or band for the entertainment. Personalized wedding favors are also a current trend right now for some of the more extravagant weddings. This season we had a bride have multiple favors for her guests to go home after the wedding!


At Cypress Falls, we cater to all kinds of brides. We have had simply weddings where all the bride needed was a few flowers here and there because the natural beauty of our property did the rest of the work. We have also had brides that want to go all out and decorate with family air looms, elaborate floral, and a huge cake. We love all the variety of weddings that happen here and can’t wait for more to come!