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Okay now what? Get ready for planning, parties, and parents! The main thing I want to focus on is the parties and specifically the engagement party. Usually the parents of either side will throw this party or they can throw it together. Often your guest list should include only persons who will also be attending the wedding. I mean it might be kind of weird to get invited to an engagement party and not the wedding, right?

There will probably drinking, eating, toasting and chatting. The toasting should be from the parents to the couple and then the couple to the parents and guests thanking everyone for coming. Something to note is that this might be the first time your parents are meeting one another. You might need a few ice breakers to cut through that awkward greeting, but it won’t be too bad. You should also inform your parents about his or her parents history/pet peeves and vice versus. The party is more often than not thrown at a house, restaurant and or venue.

It’s your first party together to celebrate your relationship and be with all of your family and friends. Have fun and no matter what you are with one another and that is all you need.

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