You might have noticed that lately more and more couples are opting to break with tradition and plan their dream day their way; a way that intimately reflects their personality and style in every detail. The ring is no exception. Brides everywhere are looking for unique rings that speak to their lifestyle as well as their personal style without them having to say a word. So without any further adieu here are the top 5 ring trends for 2017 that are calling to the bride (or bride-to-be) in your life! What will she answer?


Something Old Is Something New:

Vintage never goes out of style! There’s something so romantic about bygone eras like the Victorian Era (1800’s) , the Edwardian Period (1901-1914), the Roaring 20’s, and the Art Deco Era (1925-1940). That’s why we’re still absolutely in love with rings made over to 100 years ago! These styles are hallmarked by features like halos of smaller stones around the center stone, intricate filigree, bezel settings, geometric shapes, and sometimes even three center stones as opposed to just one!

Rose Gold Tiara
The Original Gatsby by Heidi Gibson
Erstwhile ring
Art Deco Engagement Ring


Traditional With A Twist:

Everyone loves a good classic! From Breakfast at Tiffany’s and pearls to LBD’s these styles have been a constant for a reason; they’re feminine, modest, and sophisticated. We love these styles because they’ve endured the test of time on our mothers and grandmothers hands. There is something both nostalgic and comforting about knowing we’re following in the footsteps of some of the most important women in our lives. Try making the style your own with a little twist such as a pearl for the center stone, or flipping an emerald cut or pear shaped stone on it’s side!

Sideways Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Pearl Engagement Ring
Pear Diamond Ring

Band Camp:

Sometimes you just feel like mixing it up, and you’re definitely not alone! More and more couples are not only mixing combinations of metals such as Yellow Gold and White Gold, but styles as well. If that’s not quite your style then you’re in lucky because we’re also totally obsessed with halo bands! They’re great for pear and marquee shaped stones because they hug them close while adding yet another unique layer to your love story. We love that mixing and matching styles sends visual interest into overdrive and accents a playful and artistic personality!

Natalie Marie Bands
The 3rd Eye Engagement Ring
Mea Trio Wedding Set
Natalie Marie Trillion Ring Stack


Alternative Rock:

Growing up, whether from their parents or Madonna, every girl hears “diamonds are a girls best friend”, but are they really? Between the growing awareness of conflict regions, and the eco-friendly green movement, diamond alternatives are becoming increasingly more popular in the market! Why not consider stones such as Moissanite (silicon carbide) for the center stone? It’s natural properties give it more fire than diamonds and make it stronger than other stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. We love this option because not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also budget friendly as well!

Forever Brilliant Moissanite Engagement Ring

Color Outside The Lines:

Speaking of diamond alternatives, we (along with everyone else) seem to have color on the brain! Ever since Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mothers famous sapphire ring (oh, my heart!) there has been a rise a definite rise in colored center stones replacing the traditional diamond. We love that this trend is becoming a more widely available option because it allows for maximum personalization. Whether a birthstone, or a favorite color, a bride can opt for a show stopping center stone (or accent stones) that really let her personality shine!

The Rhapsody Ring
The Gatsby Ring