Even if you hire a wedding planner brides and grooms still have a lot of planning they have to do on their own. Whether you are the bride or the maid of honor, who has been so kindly delegated these tasks, we recommend a few apps to help make everyones lives (read planning process) a little easier!

1. Google Docs

Almost everyone has a gmail account these days so using Google Docs & Google Sheets are great ways to keep everyone (literally) on the same page! Their online word document and spreadsheet sharing apps allow you to keep yourself organized with important things like guest lists and decor meeting notes right on your phone. You can even adjust the settings so that other people can edit the document you share with them which is great if you or the wedding planner needs to make a revision.


2. Awesome Note

 The cool part about this note-keeping app is the shopping list feature. It lets you organize all the of expenses for your wedding and categorize them accordingly. For example, you can create a list of accessories for the bridal party, let them know where to find it all, who needs to get what and how much it costs!


3. Moleskin Journal

The Moleskin Journal app is exactly what it sounds like; a digital notebook you can draw and write in for those times you want something very specific, but can’t find a photo or explanation of it. This is great for the bride (or Groom) who likes to sketch things out, but doesn’t want to lose the piece of paper it’s on or hand a ton of loose files to their wedding planner.


4. WeddingHappy

This app is probably the best all around free wedding planning app we’ve come across. It does everything from cataloging your vendors (by name or by type; bless!) to creating a visual budget and schedule of due dates to keep you on track for you big day! It even sends you reminders when payments and deadlines are due! It also has a countdown and the percentage of your total budget you’ve used to date on the home screen as well as the overall number of tasks you’ve completed so far verses the number of tasks you have yet to complete; literally perfect.

 5. Appy Couple

This is a must have for any couple getting married. The app allows you to share every detail of your wedding with guests/loved ones through a beautifully designed website. Don’t worry they have templates (so no design training is needed!). The app also keeps track of RSVPs, is a great way for guests to share their photos from the wedding, and more!


Written by Josie Rasberry – Edited by Jenna Levy| Images are not the property of Cypress Falls Event Center or it’s employees and were taken from the App store, and google.